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About The Drelich Law Firm

Mission Statement:

A law firm helping and guiding injured people to get the benefits and results that they are entitled to receive.

Our Expertise

The Drelich Law Firm evolved from a former partnership and the merging of another practice to bring years of experience in both personal injury law and workers' compensation cases.

Who is Drelich Law

A discovery that having people as clients, and not insurance companies or corporations, was more rewarding. The satisfaction knowing that your work can make a difference for individuals and families, by guiding them and helping them overcome hardships created by their injuries.

A moment that stands out was in a case where I had evidence that a defendant business owner was lying at his deposition and his attorney was pretty much an accomplice to the lies. After getting the defendant to commit to a response at his deposition and listening to his attorney tell me why they didn't have to produce certain documents, I surprised them at the deposition with the documents. The defendant was clearly caught in his lies and when the attorney began to complain about why I hadn't turned the documents over to him, I basically told him to shut up. After catching another lie later in the case, the insurance company became reasonable and we were able to get a good result for the client. The defendant and his attorney had no problem lying and could have nearly denied my client justice. Luckily I had the information to catch them in their lies and get my client justice.

Our Clients

People of San Diego and surrounding counties in their injury claims both at work and in the public. All ages and many nationalities. Our staff is fluent in Spanish and can handle matters for non-English speakers.

What We Offer

Years of experience in both personal injury law and workers' compensation from educated and competent staff who know how to handle these matters and will provide honest advice.

Honesty and compassion. We understand how devastating an accident can be. Our team is dedicated to making sure our clients receive what they are entitled to receive. Our clients get honest answers not false promises.