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Public Entity

Who is responsible for your injury

A dangerous condition on a sidewalk that causes someone to fall and get injured. A pot hole in the road which causes damage to a car or worse, an accident resulting in injuries. A child is harmed at school either through negligent supervision, the failure to protect them from danger or faulty playground equipment. These are some examples of where a public entity may be liable for harms and damages to an adult or child.

Property owned and maintained by a local, state of federal agency; or accidents resulting in injury caused by employees working for them may be considered public entity claims. These claims have very strict claims and lawsuit filing requirements. Failure to follow the requirements can result in forever losing your right to be justly compensated.

We know what is required to successfully handle a claim against a Public Entity

The Drelich Law Firm specializes in handling these claims and knows what must be done in order to protect your rights. Early investigation is essential and statutes are strict, even for minors. People mistakenly believe that a public entity was not involved, only to discovery they have lost their claim forever.

These cases can be very challenging, as different laws apply. You should consult with an attorney to discuss your potential case. Do not delay! Before you know it, the time has passed to protect your rights. Please contact The Drelich Law Firm about your public entity claim for a free consultation and find out if we can help you.