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Minor's Cases

Claims and lawsuits for children are different

If you are under 18 years of age, the law considers you a minor. The laws are different when they involve minors. The time to file a lawsuit is generally longer, but that is not always the case. Don't think that you always have until a child reaches the age of adulthood to pursue their claim.

It is normal for children who are physically active to get injured. Sometimes it is their own fault, but other times their injuries could have been prevented had someone else not been negligent.

As passengers in a car, children can suffer serious injuries. While crossing the street, they can be struck by an inattentive driver. They can be injured due to negligent supervision while at school or as result of defective playground equipment. The Drelich Law Firm has successfully handled all these types of claims on behalf of children.

You need an experienced attorney to help you handle your child’s claim

The Drelich Law Firm knows how to handle cases involving children. From early claims filing through completion, we have successfully handled numerous cases on behalf of children and their parents.

Resolving a case on behalf of a minor typically requires that a judge in the Superior Court approve the settlement. Every aspect must be addressed, such as proving a finding by a qualified medical doctor addressing the extent of the injuries involved to resolving all liens (such as Medi-Cal). The paperwork required for the court is detailed and can be confusing.

Don’t let an attorney or a claims adjuster for an insurance company assist you in resolving your child’s claim. They do not represent your child’s interests and do not know how to properly negotiate medical liens, which results in your child netting less money.

The Drelich Law Firm works with specialists in the medical community to assist in making sure your child gets excellent medical care and that their injuries are properly addressed for the court.

Finally, The Drelich Law Firm looks out for your child’s best interests. We work with licensed financial experts to explore the best options for your child, whether it is having the money protected in a blocked trust account or set up in a structured settlement, which makes payments over time and providing tax exempt earnings on the investment.

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