Comments from Clients

Posted by Jose Garcia
March 20, 2022

Best lawyer hands down!!! Dealt with a super complicated case of mine involving multiple parties and was still able to make me more than a happy client. If it’s not Matan then it’s WRONG! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Posted by David
March 12, 2022

If you are looking for someone to represent you to fullest of their ability no matter how powerful the company or corporation may be, then Matan is the man for you! I am so grateful to have been recommended his services concerning my work related injury. Matan is a very educated and devoted attorney who take's the time to explain every aspect of your case. He also showed a very real heart felt compassion for not only myself and the injury I sustained, but also the impact it had on my family and our hardship during those trying times. I consider Matan a true friend!

Posted by L.H
March 12, 2022

Feel lucky to have Matan handled my car accident case, he thoroughly explained the process, what to expect and laid out the options. He has never been pushy, and has always responded in a timely manner. Highly recommend for his in-depth knowledge and professionalism.

Posted by Jenna
March 12, 2022

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I was in a car accident caused by an uninsured motorist and my insurance company was not being very helpful. I was hesitant to get a lawyer involved, but Matan came highly recommended and he did not disappoint! It was nice to have someone on my side, looking out for my best interest. Matan was responsive, personable, and patient while explaining legal processes to me. I'm so glad I took his advice- he worked out a nice settlement that I never would've been able to accomplish on my own.

Posted by Catherine
November 8, 2019
Awesome lawyer!

As a first time client, I didn't know what to expect coming from an auto accident injury. Who to go to or where to start but, I can certainly say Matan DreLich is an awesome and respective guy and I am glad I went to him! He gave me a sense of comfort by making sure I was going to be taken care of right away and efficiently. He took his time on my case and I never felt rushed not once. He always kept me updated on any information needed in a timely manner and he answered all my questions. His #1 priority was getting my health back to good stands and making sure I had no lasting health/injury problems, if possible. Every time we spoke, he would always restate his concerns of my recovery which was comforting to my mind. Overall, I am very pleased, I have nothing negative to say and I definitely would recommend him to anyone who has an auto injury.

Posted by anonymous
October 7, 2019

Matan guided me through the workers compensation/personal injury process from the very beginning. He was very honest and open throughout the case, keeping me informed of every possible outcome. There was never a point in which I felt under represented or that I had to worry about how my case was being handled by him. He explained the laws, procedures, and everything else pertinent to my situation. I was very happy with the outcome of both of my cases and am thankful for his work.

Posted by Taryn
March 8, 2019
WC/PI Representation

I was injured on the job, and Matan and his office helped me navigate both my workers compensation and personal injury cases with ease. He and his staff were courteous, personable, and communicated efficiently with me throughout the process. If there was ever the need for a WC/PI lawyer again, I would return to Matan without hesitation.

Posted by Philip
October 12, 2018

Nobody ever wants to get into an accident, much less go through any legal battles, but as they say, life's what happens when you've got other plans. A few years ago while I was driving home from work along 805 South, a distracted driver hit me from behind, which caused my car to spin and hit two more vehicles. By God's mercy I was able to walk away from that, but my car was totaled, and I experienced major neck and back pain. On top of all the trauma from a near death experience, I knew that all the medical and insurance hassles to follow would be a lot to handle. Thankfully, a close friend referred me to the Drelich law firm. My wife and I consulted with them, and we found Matan and his staff to be friendly, patient and highly professional. Matan spoke with us at length, discussing the events surrounding the accident, then advising us on how to proceed with regard to seeking medical treatment and dealing with insurance. He was up front with us about how these kinds of cases went, and gave us an idea of what to expect. We felt he was highly competent, and decided to have him represent us. With Matan and his team handling all the back and forth with the insurance companies, I was able to focus on getting treatment and going back to work. Throughout if I had any questions or needed updates, I could easily get in touch with them via phone or email. To be sure it was a lengthy process, but I knew that while I was working on my own recovery and trying to move on after such a major accident, I didn't have to worry about all the technical legal details because Matan was handling all that for me. After little over a year, the case was settled and we were very happy with the compensation we received.

Wish I could say that life was quiet after that, but sometime later, my wife and I became victims of a hit and run accident on the way to LA. I also had to go through a worker's comp case. In each instance, on the one hand, we'd say "No way, not again!" but on the other hand, we were thankful that we knew who to run to for legal representation. Life happens, but Matan and his team have come through for us time and again.

I would highly recommend the Drelich law firm to anyone who finds themselves in such an unfortunate situation; you can rest asusured that he's got your back and will fight and win on your behalf.

Posted by Dave
August 3, 2018
Matan Drelich was the perfect lawyer for me.

I have never hired a lawyer to represent me, but after getting violently rear-ended, I felt that it was in my best interest. After doing a lot of research I followed up on a couple of local recommendations. Matan was not the first lawyer I consulted with, but he was the last.

He was honest, caring, attentive, professional, generous, and both myself and the opposing counsel were able to leave mutually satisfied. Matan and his medical associates were a pleasure to work with and I could not have been happier.

I now consider Matan a friend and am glad that if anything bad ever happens to me again, I will know where to get advice or assistance. Thank you Matan!

Posted by Subrina
April 4, 2018
Matan Drelich definitely had my back.

Honest, Respectful, Caring, and Informative. Over the last 12 years I have had the pleasure of hiring and retaining Matan Drelich as my family’s personal injury attorney. From my first case’s initial consultation to this last case’s successful resolution, Matan presented himself as a true professional.

Matan fought for what was in my family’s best interests. Matan was very clear and concise in his communications with me about my cases, I always knew what to expect or what not to expect. He maintained awesome availability to address any questions or concerns that arose. Matan’s mannerism, support, and encouraging words also had a positive impact on my boys.

The services received were above and beyond my expectations. I consider Matan a friend of the family and highly recommend The Drelich Law Firm to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney. This attorney ROCKS.

Posted by Sam
August 6, 2017
Professional and Ethical

I hired Mr Drelich for a personal injury case regarding a vehicular accident. I couldn't be more pleased with the fashion in which the Drelich Law Firm handled my case. The team was educated, experienced, and ethical.

Posted by Maritza
January 22, 2015
He is the man for the job :)

Sadly to say that I've have been in a couple of accidents as well as some of my family members and he has made life easier by the handling of the situations. He has a great attitude and he handles the cases amazingly. We will continue to keep him in our phone book. We thank him for his dedication:)

Posted by Chris
January 21, 2015
Honest, trustworthy and will fight for you

I have been in 2 different accidents where I was hurt by another driver and was not at fault. Fortunately, I was referred to Matan following the first accident. I was immediately impressed by his ability to break down the case into a solid strategy to move forward and was very pleased with both him and his teams ability to keep me informed throughout the case. I was so happy with how well he represented me that I used him again for the 2nd accident I was injured in. I always felt like I was in good hands with Matan and I am glad that I chose him to represent my wife and I.

He not only helped me resolve my cases to my satisfaction, Matan is now someone I would consider a friend and someone I would recommend to anyone that needs a personal injury attorney. In fact I have already recommended him to a co-workers son for a case that he needed help on. If you are looking for a attorney that you can trust to handle your case with care, compassion, and with tenacity, look no further and call Matan Drelich.

Posted by alessandra
November 12, 2014
Personal injury case - car accident.

"Matan Drelich handled my case professionally and with ease. He went above and beyond to help me settle my car accident case. I am truly grateful to Matan and his staff for helping me get the best settlement for my injuries."

Posted by Larry
November 6, 2014
Best Attorney in San Diego!

Mr. Drelich,
Fought hard for my best interest and would not take no as an answer from other party. He is responsive and keeps you informed and updated throughout your entire case. Search no further as he is the guy to work with.

Posted by Katie
November 4, 2014
Sincere, reliable and friendly!

I was refered to Matan from a friend who had also been involved in an auto accident. She was beyond pleased with Matan, her settlement and his prompt responses. Choosing Matan for my case was nothing less then a pleasant experience.

Matan was patient, friendly, knowledgable and fair. Having children and a busy schedule I can be easily distracted but with Matans non intrusive consistent updates we were able to dial in and close out my case in a reasonable amount of time.

Matan was fair & straight forward. He always gave me all of my options and guided me to make the best choices for myself and my young daughter who was also involved in my accident. Although he operates out of San Diego and I am in Los Angeles he had resources that were convenient for me.

Matan is not only a great attorney but he is now considered a friend.

Posted by Virginia
October 30, 2014
An Excellent Attorney

Attorney Matan Drelich resolved a personal injury case for me in 2012. It was extremely easy to work with him as he was careful to explain the various steps in the lengthy process. My case was resolved fairly and was completed in a reasonable amount of time. Matan is an intelligent, well-educated and kind person. I always felt he had my best interests at heart and that my case was being handled in the absolute most competent manner. I highly recommend Matan and would not hesitate to go to him again if it ever becomes necessary.

Posted by Lawrence
October 28, 2014
The Best Lawyer that I have deal with.

Atty. Drelich is very Honest and Trustworthy. Very Knowledgeable to Task at hand. I would and have recommended Matan to Friends and Family.